Costa Bargains

Costa Bargains based in Spain, Supply British Foods & Grocery items directly to your door anywhere in the Spanish Peninsular.  Hot Deals, Limited Stock Offers and Great Prices are our goal. Forget import fees or long delivery times, All items are stored and dispatched right here in Spain.

Why Buy From Us?

We supply a great selection of your favourite British products directly to your door here in Spain, Whether it's Snacks & Sweets, Food or Drinks, Health & Beauty Items, Household Goods or any of our Hot Deals or Special Offers we have something for everyone. We have been selling globally via online marketplaces for the last 15 years and know that certain "big" stores here in Spain charge a fortune for those British creature comforts we all crave, we offer competitive prices, bulk deals, and best of all you get them delivered to your door without even having to leave the house !!!

Delivery is just €3,95 throughout Spain and if you spend €50 or more shipping is FREE of Charge.


Having lived here in Spain for many years, we know how hard it is to import British and UK products without paying large custom duties since "Brexit" happened.

The shipping and importation costs let alone the procedures have become un-bearable so we sort to source and facilitate a range of items which we know customers and Expats always look for and offer to supply them throughout the whole of Spain at a reasonable and fair price.

All EXPATS like their British and UK creature comforts which is why we offer to supply the everyday essentials, snacks, treats and grocery items that you like to enjoy. We don't offer 100's of products we sell what we know customers are asking for, if there is anything you would like that you don't see just drop us a message and we are sure to have them stocked for you in the future.


We are open 24/7 as a online business, orders and payments are taken online and then processed within 1-2 business days. When your order is dispatched a tracking number will be provided.

Office Address:

C/ Mar de Calahonda, 1A, Calahonda, Mijas, 29649